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[IP] stomach pain, infection??

hi all
 Ok, last week was rough. Friday started antibiotics
for a urinary tract infection..no really big symptoms
then, thought it was a diabetes problem. went back
yesterday, not a big infection, but they are
rechecking it. I was very thirsty last week and right
under my chest in pain.  Still have hte thirst thing
off and on and yesterday it was like a stomach
ache..meaning the area the pain was in and now it's
lower, like where it can almost be felt through my
back. I'm on some sort of antibiotic, but dont think
my stomach should still be hurting. BG are not bad,
yesterday was convinced it wasn't a uti b/c had same
bg probs, but still they think it is.
 maybe i'm just complaining but even when i don't eat
it hurts and it's worse when i do eat...
 any ideas?
 (oh yeah, as of this am no ketones)

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