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Re: [IP] E Coli happens ...


Try some anti-bacterial hand lotion (Vaseline Intensive
Care makes one) or some anti-bacterial hand

Good luck.

--- Bob Burnett <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Gang:
> I hope the subject line caught your eyes. It wasn't meant
> to be funny ....
> What is the proper protocol (is there a proper protocol?)
> for infusion site 
> cleanliness / preparation when conditions are much less
> than sanitary? Any 
> medical pros out there who have clear instructions for
> situations like this?
> We just received word that there is a "boil water
> advisory" in my city, due 
> to e coli in the public water supply. Nasty little
> critters - I don't want 
> to mess around here. I'm scheduled for a site change in
> the morning. 
> Normally, I change sites after showering, but not sure
> how to handle this 
> one. Don't shower, change set, hope I haven't picked up
> any of the little 
> guys in my travels? Shower, sterilize like be geezus,
> then change, hope for 
> the best? (doesn't get my vote) Don't shower, don't
> change sites, hope 
> things are better at the end of the day when I come back
> from work?
> Interesting little dilemma. Kind of ironic, since I was
> chatting the other 
> nite with folks about preparing for emergencies, natural
> disasters and Y2K 
> "issues". Well, here I am, sitting with a couple month's
> of supplies, 
> flashlight, batteries, reading materials, one gallon of
> drinking water, and 
> really no proven method (so far) of making sure I don't
> introduce some 
> nasty little pathogen into my system.
> They recently had an e coli outbreak at a county fair
> near here, struck 
> 1,000 people so far, at least one fatality.
> Hmmm, so what does a pumper do?
> Bob Burnett

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