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From: "Tiffany Schroeder" <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Subject: Tiffany Schroeder <email @ redacted>
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Tiffany Schroeder <email @ redacted>

My name is Tiffany Schroeder and I am 31 years old.  I live in 
Wallingford, CT and have had diabetes for the past 7 years. I have 
just recently started pump therapy.  I had been using the "poor 
man's pump" for 5 years and throughout my first pregnancy.  I have 
always had tight control which has on numerous occasions has 
caused me to suffer severe reactions.  Since I am a teacher, I 
enjoy the pump because I do not have to worry about going low 
while in class.  I currently take 56.7 units of Humalog daily, down 
from 108 units of NPH.  I also bolus each meal. I have a three year 
old son and am planning to get pregnant again soon.