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[IP] Tomorrow I "Go Live"! (Sorry it got long)

Just have to share some things that have been happening since I received my 
pump. Over a month ago! 
    I have come to realize that it doesn't matter how much education you have 
in the medical field, it doesn't necessarily make you competent. There have 
been so many botched up things happening at the Endo's that I am 100% certain 
I would have ended up in the ER or worse if I hadn't known enough to fend for 
    It is with mixed feelings that I go live tomorrow. I have received 
erroneous basic information. Including orders from the Endo, (through his 
nurse) to up my insulin dose 2 units when I am crashing with a 45 BG!  No 
carb counting. Numerous lost records. Etc. I still wonder how they can be 
progressive enough to recommend the pump, & still be so innept. I have been 
on the pump with saline for a week. The "Diabetes Nurse Educator" had to call 
in someone else to help set me up for a Sill. She did not know how! She was 
rather insistant that I would use the softset. I didn't think it would work. 
I am
 5' 5 & weigh 115 lbs. (Where is the fat?) The other nurse said "No way". She 
is a Sill !
    I have always thought : All things happen for a reason. I really did need 
that extra month.To wear my pump, play with the basals, & bolus. And do a lot 
more reading. I am very grateful for all of the information everyone posts 
    I am really looking forward to my new life as a pumper! Just wish I had 
more faith in my medical team.
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