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Re: [IP] parents of a D child from child

In a message dated 9/27/99 10:16:30 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My daughter is 3, and seems to be holding her urine. She has type 1 
 > >diabetes. She went over 12 hrs with out urinating.  >>

My 8 year old non-D child (I'm the pumper) was looking over my shoulder 
reading this post.  Her opinion was "She just holds her pee cause her Mommy 
tells her when to go.  I get real mad when you tell me to go too".  My sweet 
little Kelsey (one of the world's most headstrong children) used to hold her 
pee all day too.  She refused to go when asked.  We had head-banging fits 
about it.  Often times she would go when eating dinner, because she was 
distracted eating and relaxed a little, and OH NO! all over the chair and 
floor.  Eventually she grew out of it and now we have power struggles over 
other stuff, like homework, bedtimes and cleaning rooms.  Don't think the 
problem is D related, but rather one of those kid-things.  Another thought, 
Kelsey got frequent bladder infections during this period because of holding 
her urine so long, so then the infection started, which hurts, which makes 
her not want to pee.  Vicious cycle.

Good luck,
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