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Re: [IP] kids with pumps


One thing that struck me as I was reading your letter is that, to me, what
Kevin did DID seem to make sense; it's probably close to something I would
have tried if my sugar had been running high.  

I don't want to sound at all like I'm commenting on your relationship with
him - and especially because I don't know how old he is - but from my own
experience when I was younger and constantly had my parents watching over
me like a hawk that just made me want to rebel against it and them.  Maybe
he still needs to discuss boluses and doses and all that stuff with you  -
which I agree he does if he is still young - but remember, as much as you
love him and want to take care of him, it is ultimately HIS disease. and in
the future, HE will call the shots. literally, ha ha ha ha =)  Better to
encourage that in a healthy way rather than being the Diabetes Police - I
know it stems from your care for him, just like my mother's worrying
stemmed from her care for me.  But that said, the faster he learns to take
care of it, the better.  I'm impressed at what he did - he felt funny, so
he tested. That shows he has at least some knowledge of his own body and
the concepts behind diabetes control.  WHy not encourage that instead of
blasting it????? Because the more his efforts to take control for himself
are flauted, the more he will want to rebel.  Well, maybe not, but I think
that is human instinct.  And better for him to have healthy control on his
own then to adopt an "I'll show them" attitude.

Sorry if I sounded harsh,


At 07:29 PM 9/27/99 EDT, you wrote:
>One incredible thing we just found out....Kevin has been trying to "manage" 
>things on his own at school with his pump. It came out today that he felt he 
>needed extra insulin...so he gave himself more. He went out for recess,
>exercise much (while the pump was off) so he gave himself what he thought he 
>missed! Then since he had been running  high over the last 2 days he decided 
>at lunch (even though I send a carb card) that he needed 1.5 units more!)  1 
>hour later, he felt funny and checked and he was high. He was high when I 
>picked him up too....but I think it was because he went low then rebounded! 
>I am really upset by this, and we talked for a long long time about it.
How I 
>cannot trust him alone with his pump. He thought he was proving he could
>care of his own diabetes! I said it was just the opposite. I understand that 
>he wants to feel he is making decisions on this, but WOW....how scarey.
>I told him we will be checking his boluses every evening for awhile til I 
>feel comfortable again....
>It makes me want to scream or cry....which should I do?
>Mom of Kevin
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