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Re: [IP] kids with pumps

email @ redacted wrote:
> One incredible thing we just found out....Kevin has been trying to "manage"
> things on his own at school with his pump.
> I am really upset by this, and we talked for a long long time about it. How I
> cannot trust him alone with his pump. He thought he was proving he could take
> care of his own diabetes! I said it was just the opposite. I understand that
> he wants to feel he is making decisions on this, but WOW....how scarey.
> It makes me want to scream or cry....which should I do?

Neither!!!  First and foremost, PRAISE him for wanting to take
responsibility and control. His motivations were good, and he was trying
to show you his maturity, even if he has an immature notion of what
maturity is!!!!

Second, teach him how to make such decisions. For example, if he thinks
he should have more insulin, ask him why -- walk him through the steps
of making such a decision, including what the test results show, what he
ate/will eat, what exercise he had/will have, etc.

No, he shouldn't make those decisions by himself at this point, but 
having him make a guess at what might be the right thing to do and then
discussing why it might be right or wrong is the first step in his
understanding the process and eventually taking over for himself.

> I told him we will be checking his boluses every evening for awhile til I 
> feel comfortable again....

I sense that, as a parent, it will be very hard for you to give up
control of Kevin's diabetes, but that is exactly the goal you need to be
working toward. Learning will occur in tiny steps, and it seems to me
that Kevin is indicating to you that he wants to learn -- seize the
opportunity, and start taking the steps NOW.  

I think you should be proud of your boy for wanting to grow up, even if
he did take a risk. 

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