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Re: [IP] re: which pump, and PROBLEMS no matter . . . . .

Oh boy . . . .i still have no idea . . .thought i might be getting my period 
but no, unless my body just has a really really strange idea of time.  woke 
up at 149 after correction, which seemed to do nothing as i was also 147 at 
4 am.  bolused 1 unit and no breakfast, 172 at lunch, but bolused for lunch 
with 1 unit extra and was 98 4 hours after that . . .sigh.  all is now well. 
  I think i may have been sick and not really known it as i was freezing all 
night and had a headache and stomach ache . ..much better but exhuasted.  
Also, thank goodness for pumps --today I ended up having to walk a very 
brisk mile due to a missed doctors appt and had minimal amounts of sugar on 
hand.  I love temp basals of 0.0  :)  Thanks so much for your concern.  I'm 
sure i will continue to be stressed out from school and college apps and 
will surely get sick soon . . .although i will try not to!! --Gianna

>Gianna -
>HOW are You?  Your last e-mail was alarming, to say the least - how's your
>BG? and how are YOU?  Is your BG back to normal?  Sometimes these things
>happen, but usually later, you realize why.  But--------you have such good
>sense, and you are so smart!  Did you figure it out?  Are you still sick?
>Are you able to read your e-mail?
>After 20 days, you have probably found that your pump allows you to be sick
>without much of a penalty.  If your basil is adjusted correctly - took me
>about 2 months - then you can be sick with impunity.  Food, or lack of,
>doesn't effect your BG.
>I hope you are doing well!          Jane
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