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[IP] insulin requirements drop by 2/3's on pump

At this time I would like to update all of you on the progress we have made
since Eve has been on the pump and to thank all of you that have given
advice and support. I sometimes ask questions, because being new with Eve's
pump I'm not sure what to do in some cases. And really don't want to bother
her endo or CDE with a silly question I should know the answer to. Here I
can ask that silly question and get an answer. Don't get my meaning wrong
here, but her endo and CDE have other patients and this group has more hands
on knowledge. It's the hands on knowledge we need. I have to say that at
this point I'm very happy, did I say happy, I mean esthetic with Eve's pump,
and so is Eve. We still have a long way to go, but I now see this as an
ever-changing journey. Looking at it this way has helped me deal with the
little set backs and not so perfect numbers we have. We are fine-tuning her
basal rates and her insulin carbo rate (we are much closer now than when we
started with the pump). My husband and I looked back at some of Eve's old
logbooks from when she was on MDI, and found some really interesting things.
Back in Nov. of 1998 Eve took a total of 148 units (H and N combined) of
insulin in one day. YES, I WROTE 148 UNITS! WOW!!! Today she only takes a
total of about 52 units. <S> Can you believe this! About 1/3. She also has
fewer reactions. She no longer wakes up in the morning at 350 +. She has
lost some weight (about 5 lbs. so far). She doesn't eat when she isn't
hungry and she eats when she is hungry. She no longer eats an afternoon
snack when no one else in her class has one (she really hated this snack, it
made her stand out and made her different from the other kids). Thanks to
this group many things have been learned that would have taken us much
longer to learn. Subjects that other people or parents have brought up (that
were also happening to us/Eve) have been extremely comforting for us to
realize we are not alone in these situations. I don't know what we would do
without her pump or this wonderful group of people.

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