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Re: [IP] Assimilation Day + 2 years (and counting)

At 10:09 AM 9/27/1999  Randall Winchester wrote:
 >Oh, well.  It's time to go eat supper and spend another evening playing with
 >the kids...  I'm not afraid of a low this evening - in fact I probably won't
 >think about my bg from the pre-supper test until my bedtime test...  I'll 
 >be a normal dad playing with his boys...  That's the best thing about
 >Assimilation Day + 2 years...  I almost feel "normal"...

Just in case anyone was wondering... Randall counts the day he was hooked 
up to the pump as assimilation day. If you are a Star-Trek fan you know 
about the Borg (resistance in futile). In a similar vein, when you put on a 
pump, you become assimilated into the pump collective. [I hope I got that 
right, Randall]

(I have been assimilated, and I like it)

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