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[IP] kids with pumps

One incredible thing we just found out....Kevin has been trying to "manage" 
things on his own at school with his pump. It came out today that he felt he 
needed extra insulin...so he gave himself more. He went out for recess, didnt 
exercise much (while the pump was off) so he gave himself what he thought he 
missed! Then since he had been running  high over the last 2 days he decided 
at lunch (even though I send a carb card) that he needed 1.5 units more!)  1 
hour later, he felt funny and checked and he was high. He was high when I 
picked him up too....but I think it was because he went low then rebounded! 

I am really upset by this, and we talked for a long long time about it. How I 
cannot trust him alone with his pump. He thought he was proving he could take 
care of his own diabetes! I said it was just the opposite. I understand that 
he wants to feel he is making decisions on this, but WOW....how scarey.

I told him we will be checking his boluses every evening for awhile til I 
feel comfortable again....

It makes me want to scream or cry....which should I do?

Mom of Kevin
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