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Re: [IP] re: which pump, and PROBLEMS no matter . . . . .

Thanks so much for your kind words!  I woke up at 149 this morning 
(definately an improvement over the 216 i went to bed with at 3 am) bolused 
an agressive one unit and was 173 at lunch.  But, something started to work 
because after lunch bolus plus high bg bolus I was 98 four hours later, and 
81 after i took a walk (predinner).  Oh well.  I guess diabetes is just like 
that . . . .sigh.  hopefully I will get more sleep tonight . . .or at least 
I will sleep more peacefully.  --Gianna  B(

><<  I
>  have no idea what is up with my blood sugars the last two days . . .the 
>  thing left to rule out is an infection believe me I have tested 
> >>
>Gianna....Sorry you're running high.......
>Take care of yourself!
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