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Pat -

Yes - a good idea is to practise setting your pump!  Practise setting a
bolus, setting the time, practise all the settings, becuase when you go
"live" you won't have to constantly check your instruction manual.  Learn it
backward and forward, so it'll become like second nature.  I was a bundle of
nerves, and NOT being mechanically inclined, was thrilled after one whole
evening when I finally got the time set right (before going live).  Set the
basil rate. Think, before you eat, that you're giving yourself a bolus -
then make the pump DO it.  The batteries are already in there and working.
Whether you use the pump or not doesn't matter - they're aging anyway.  By
the way, my batteries go bad and need replacing about every 6 - 8 weeks.
Find out where you can get batteies for your pump.

I'm SO tickled for you!  Good luck - Jane

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