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[IP] Assimilation Day + 2 years (and counting)

What a day!  Saturday I was up on the roof, cleaning gutters and getting the 
tree limbs off the roof.  That's part of the cost of living in the edge of a 
wooded area.  It was getting warm and I'd been playing the contortionist, 
trying to reach some of the places where I needed to fasten down the leaf 
guards...  A little before noon as I was preparing to go down the ladder I felt 
a sharp ache at my infusion site.  I went on and let my son climb the ladder 
with me on the top and my father down below - he'd been wanting to see the roof 
all morning.  It's kind of fun walking over the roof of your house with a four 
year old and telling him that the kitchen is here, the play room is here and 
your bedroom is here...

We put in a couple of fence posts then, digging the holes and pouring the 
concrete in...  leveling them and getting everything set up took a while.  

When we finished I in the house to check my bg.  It was 85.  My site was 
hurting now and I checked it - Surprise, surprise, surprise... one corner was 
coming off and it was obviously coming out.  I went ahead and took it off and 
set up the stuff for a site change.  It was due anyway...  put the new set in 
and proceeded with the rest of the day... lots of work 

Sunday morning - allergy season - my fasting bg is 175 so I take a 1 unit bolus 
before my shower.  After I'm dressed I eat breakfast and help get the boys 
ready for church.  We head off after I make sure I've got my meter with me - 
the choir is having lunch at the church today so I'll have to be ready...  I've 
been teaching the first and second grade Sunday School class since the first of 
the month and this Sunday it's the normal routine, and the kids are getting 
used to me checking my bg near the end of the class.  We've got a guest 
preacher today, and he's long winded...  I think back to some of the days when 
I was preaching and would have to stop suddenly - not because I was done but 
because I was on MDI,on THE SCHEDULE and it was time to test and figure out if 
I was riding the curve up or down...  This Sunday it's no big deal and I sit 
back and take notes while he goes on for about an hour.  

After the morning service is finished we go to the fellowship hall for lunch.  
I check my bg again and it's 95.  Not bad, especially since it's now an hour 
past normal meal time...  We sit down at a table with some friends who were 
members of the church were I was pastor.  I mention that today marks two years 
on the pump  and we spend a few minutes talking  about the times my bg would 
crash or spike at church in the past...  we move on to more interesting things, 
like what our kids are doing in school now.  After lunch I take the boys home 
while my wife stays for the choir practice.  I get the boys to lay down for 
their afternoon nap and I decide to take one myself...  when my wife comes home 
she wakes us all up and it's almost supper time...

I eat ice cream and cake for supper, and we head back to church.  After we get 
back home my bg is 275... I look back and figure out that I must have overeaten 
or underbolused... take a "fixer bolus" and go back to play with the boys.  
After a while we start the bedtime routine... and finally get everyone settled 
down after my son helps me check my bg...  

Not a bad day for my second anniversary of Assimilation Day.  Thinking back, 
what is most important is what didn't happen - no lows, no high that I couldn't 
get down, and for the most part (except for the ice cream and cake) my bg 
stayed stable...  even then I was able to get it back to 135 by bedtime and 
didn't have a low from overcorrecting.  

This morning I began to wax philosophical...  I do that sometimes...  I decided 
to continue to celebrate today by skipping lunch.  Pre-pump that was basically 
impossible... today it was fun - I read some during "lunchtime" and just took 
it easy.  My bg has been between 110 and 94 since before noon today... I think 
I'll keep my pump... I took a nap yesterday without a bg spike or drop...  I 
worked on the roof and fence without a problem on Saturday (even with the site 
coming out)...  and to top it all off I felt like playing  with my boys last 
night so we built some stuff with their blocks....

The past two years have gone quickly.  What's I like the best is that because 
I've been on the pump the things that I've experienced have been more of the 
"normal" stuff like moving to a new house, going on school field trips with the 
boys, showing the kids how to work the new computer in the Sunday School room, 
eating out, playing with my boys...  instead of the marathon lows, highs and 
curve-chasing I'd been doing before...  too bad that we cannot give Dr Death, 
Nurse Ratchet,the insurance company Bean Counters and our legislators diabetes 
for a while so they could experience the roller-coaster that never ends...  I 
bet after a few days there would be changes in attitudes and funding for both 
patient care and research!

Oh, well.  It's time to go eat supper and spend another evening playing with 
the kids...  I'm not afraid of a low this evening - in fact I probably won't 
think about my bg from the pre-supper test until my bedtime test...  I'll just 
be a normal dad playing with his boys...  That's the best thing about 
Assimilation Day + 2 years...  I almost feel "normal"...

I hope everyone else has a good week...  

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