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[IP] Re: fat-to-insulin ratios

Bill wrote:

--Does anybody have a formula for calculating the time delay and fat
--gram-to-insulin ratio for eating fatty foods?  I'd be surprised if there
--weren't any research in this area.

Bill, I don't have such a thing but wish for it, too. I've come to believe
fat is the evil sneak in  our daily efforts to control our BG. Now, in your
daughter's case, you may have mis-judged the cookie or the ice cream. But
the fat in both (from personal experience) seems to have an effect for 12

My nutritionist told me that 10 percent of fat consumed eventually "turns
into'' carb, peaking 10 hours later. But that can't be all it is, because
you'd have to eat 150 grams of fat -- about 1,300 calories worth! -- to see
a 70-point rise. And the rises we see are far greater than that.

Others on this list have suggested fat also increases insulin resistance,
which is why sometimes, if I just eat a handful of nuts at night (virtually
no carb), I'm still high the next morning.

After 3 months of pumping, I've found it easiest to cut way back on fats --
or, if I indulge, to double my basals starting about 4 hours after I've
eaten, and continuing for anohter 6 or so.

I, too, welcome any real "research'' on this.


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