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[IP] Ruth- 1 problem down 1 to go

Well I could hardly believe that my BG stayed normal after intense exercise (1 hour).  It is the first time in 15 years that that has happened , so I'm ecstatic Ruth!  thank you, thank you,thank you.  I always exercised after eating- but usually didn't bolus as I figured I'd burn off the sugars while exercising. I was always high after cross country skiing etc.- not just elevated a little- but 350 or 450.  But every year or so I'd try again.  Nothing worked and I thought your suggestion of bolusing prior to exercise to be nothing short of maddness BUT it worked.  I also took note from Mr. King's experiences and started with long acting carbs and switched to short acting (like Dex tabs or juice0 during the last 1/3 of my exercise period.

Now, when you and Geneva figure out those night time basals let me know.  Your daughter sounds so much like me and I am still totally out of control on night time basals.  I do not wake up for alarms anymore as I'm very deaf (and a louder alarm won't help I'm afraid).  I seem to pass through periods of 'normalacy'- where my BGs are fine for about 2 weeks and then change radically- my last climb in basals was 100% more than I was taking the night before.  Of course IF everything else remained stable it might take me less than 6 weeks to get back to normal ranges- but there's always something.  Let me know when you fine tune it- I'm a believer now!! LOL

Hope Geneva finds away around not enough blood at night.
Warm water on my hands helps my blood run freer.

Good luck.

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