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Re: [IP] what supplies to carry?

Stacey -

The same thing happened to me - once when my pump ran out of insulin, and
once when a sof-set stopped working at work, the day after I changed
infusion sets.  That alarm is enough to wake the DEAD!!!! The MiniMed people
(and my CDE) chastized me for NOT carrying a spare syringe for just those
circumstances!  Now, I always have a syringe in my pocketbook.  But, that
doesn't end the problem - as you know, the pump can measure tiny increments
of insulin, but if you're using a syringe, at best you can only GUESS at .5
units.  And, if you are (at work, for instance)  and can't/don't want to
leave, what do you do?  Take one unit per hour?  It would take time to
figure it out.  If I'm traveling for the weekend, I take the bottle of
insulin, and a spare infusion set along.  Daily, for work, I just wear my
pump.  I know if anything happens, I'll just leave and go home.

Good luck!   Jane

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