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[IP] counting fat grams; fat-to-insulin ratios

Hi, everybody.

After about a month of adjustments (basals and emotional), my nine year
old seems to have achieved a level of control we haven't had since she
was diagnosed 4 years ago.  So it was time to head to the food court in
the mall and celebrate with a promised pigout.

Mind you, I don't intend to do this regularly, but Elaina can't remember
ever doing anything like this in her life.  Around 1:00 PM, I took her
to Baskin-Robbins for a double scoop of some chocolatey flavor on a
sugar cone, and followed it up with a cookie from Mrs. Fields.  I
interpolated the carb contents from Take Out Food Counter and "gut
feel".  Two hours later, she was still around 150.  Awesome!!!!!!

...But then she was 312 at dinnertime.  Hmph.

My guess is that I'm looking at the fat metabolizing.  This mailing list
has talked a lot about the delayed effect of eating fatty food, and it
got me wondering.

Does anybody have a formula for calculating the time delay and fat
gram-to-insulin ratio for eating fatty foods?  I'd be surprised if there
weren't any research in this area.


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