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Re: [IP] running high

In a message dated 9/27/99 11:18:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I told her it was in her
 hands and that she would just have to test every two hours and go to nurses
 office to give injections all day if she still was high. >>
    I found with Melissa that when all else failed ( i.e. Mom nagging), the 
next best "teacher" was her own discomfort from being so high & feeling so 
awful.....I find that she's generally extremely responsible now ( at 16 1/2) 
about testing, etc. (although I did have to run out to buy batteries at 8:30 
the other night because we couldn't find the spare ones!) because she doesn't 
want to obliviously run into a problem that could have been circumvented by 
earlier intervention....Very important for these pre-teens and teens to 
understand their ability to ameliorate their day by doing simple "checks", 
just like they will(should) when they are driving....The primary motivation 
for Melissa I believe stems simply from being ABLE to do so, whereas on MDI, 
it was absolutely ineffectual guesswork!

Regards, Renee
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