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[IP] running high


you aren't the only one.  geneva has been over 220 since bedtime.  and she
was 78 before that!  I sent her to school with BG of 290 (up from a wakeup
of 240) which we treated with injection.  she insisted that she was
"growing" and did not need to change her site.  I told her it was in her
hands and that she would just have to test every two hours and go to nurses
office to give injections all day if she still was high.

this must be a signal of upcoming issues that I will be dealing with as my
daughter approaches puberty!

sigh in CA

> <<  I
>  have no idea what is up with my blood sugars the last two days . . .the
>  thing left to rule out is an infection believe me I have tested
> >>

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