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Re: [IP] what supplies to carry?

I carry around a pen with Humalog in it -- but so far (6 months) have
never had to use it -- and then it occurred to me that the insulin in it
has probably gone bad by now!!!!

I've only run out of insulin once, because I honestly forgot how long
I'd gone since the last change! What a surprise when it started
alarming! :)

What I usually do is load enough for 6 days (150 units), and change only
the cannula the first time, and then the whole thing the second time --
I watch how much is left and change either before I go to school in the
morning or when I get home depending on how much I have (I'm a teacher,
not a student!!! High school, no less!).

If I'm going away for the weekend, I make sure I have enough in the pump
to last me until I get home -- if the reservoir is low, I top it off
(another one of those nasty confessions).

I think the idea of carrying along batteries is a good one -- the
trainer told us to change them at the beginning of every month, but they
last a good bit longer than that for me -- so far, about 3 months per
set -- and I can't see wasting so much battery life. 

Of course, hypo treatments are a must, your meter is a must, and some
sort of emergency identification is a must!

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