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the Learning Curve(was)Re: [IP] Blood in the tubing

In a message dated 9/27/99 9:16:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Had I not seen some discussion of this beforehand, I would have freaked 
out.   >>
    Once again, a perfect illustration of the therapeutic benefits of this 
e-mail group...Highly unlikely that a doctor/CDE/pump trainer could/would 
ever think to cover ALL of the potential issues that can occur with 
pumping....But by monitoring this endless flow of "input", we all profit by 
at least being "aware" of the minor mishaps that can arise....Those of us who 
have been pumping( or in my case, overseeing a pumper) may forget how naive & 
frightened we were initially....I was reminiscing recently, recalling how I'd 
panicked when Melissa's bg was 78 one day shortly after being discharged from 
the hospital, because "they said" it should be between 80-180, so I assumed 
she was frighteningly LOW...Did the same thing when I injected an air bubble 
& thought I'd done something horrific & caused irreparable damage....
   So, to all the newbie pumpers & pump-parents, remember to swallow a 
healthy dose of "perspective" with your morning coffee...it DOES become more 
"second nature" when the "learning curve" tapers off.....analagous to how one 
deals with a first born child vs the second or third one..you know,  moms who 
hovered over that first baby & sterilized everything, but by the 3rd one are 
picking up the pacifier off the dirty floor, wiping it off on their clothes & 
giving it back to the screaming baby!!....Hmmm..sort of like lancets that 
Melissa used to change every time she pricked her fingers.......

Regards, Renee (pump-mom to Melissa)
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