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[IP] Re:supplies to carry? and Question on sets and cars

>Maybe I'm just over cautious, but I carry a little of everything with me
>everywhere.  I have a small travel bag in which I keep my meter, "
>Cake-Mate" for lows a vial of H, syringes, tape, extra sets, alc
>swabs...even an extra glucagon kit.  Am I overdoing it?

    Unless you feel like it is a huge pain, bring whatever makes you feel 
comfortable.  If you always go to the same places for long periods of time 
(work/school/someone's house) you might consider just leaving enough stuff 
for a site change and an insulin pen or bottle there.

Also a question:: is there a temperature range for infusion sets that 
haven't been opened?  I want to leave one in my car but am afraid something 
will happen to the tubing i.e. too hot or too cold?? --Gianna

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