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Re: [IP] looking for the perfect pump

George, I have noticed that I am more sensitive to "feeling" low since being
on the pump.  I never used to notice till I was well into the low 60's.  Now
I will swear I am low, only to find out I am 120!  I don't know why!  Also,
I have reduced my intake by almost 50%.  I used to take 1 injection of 44
units N daily, as well as 8-10 H with my dinners.  Now I average about 29u H
per day.
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From: David L. Dougherty <email @ redacted>
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Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 6:21 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] looking for the perfect pump

>I'm curious about your hypos. The lowest one I've measured was 35 according
>to my meter. The only symptom I had (in hindsight I might add) was a
>of being disconnected from reality, like I wasn't a part of what was going
>on around me. I have gotten to the point I couldn't talk plainly (once the
>only thing I could say was "sugar") but I have never lost consciousness.
>problem I'm having with hypos is that they are unexpected and I can no
>longer sense them coming on before they have gotten very low. Once I drove
>home for lunch, tested my sugar and found it at 40. It was over 100 an hour
>previously. I thought this couldn't be right so I checked the meter and
>checked my sugar again. The second reading was 46 and the meter checked out
>OK. This is scary. Now I check my sugar before getting behind the wheel but
>worry that if it drops low enough I might not have the sense not to drive.
>Does any of this sound familiar to you? I am glad to hear that the pump
>stopped the crashing hypos for you. My doctor recommended the pump for me
>for this very reason. I also hope I get as good an HBA1C improvement as you
>did. A one percentage point drop in HBA1C is pretty impressive!
>I'm also curious as to whether your daily insulin requirement dropped
>substantially after going on the pump. I have heard that there is sometimes
>as much as a thirty percent reduction in dose.
>I'm hoping to get my pump this coming week. I've decided to go with a
>MiniMed 507C. I'm sure I'll need assistance when I get it. It took me a
>while to learn to adjust my dosage for MDI so I know I'm in for a lot more
>work learning to manage the pump.
>Thanks again for the information.
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>Subject: RE: [IP] looking for the perfect pump
>On 26 Sep 99, at 18:42, David L. Dougherty wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply. I am hoping that what you say will be correct in my
>> case. I am getting good results with MDI except for lows (30s) which I am
>> getting more and more unable to sense. My doctor says the pump should
>> drastically reduce these lows. I am also beginning to look like a pin
>> cushion after a year and a half of 5 or 6 injections a day. MDI has
>> to the point that my last 5 HBA1Cs have been below 7. I'm hoping for even
>> better control with a pump.
>Well there's quite a difference between good A1c's and good A1c's
>without crashing hypos.  My best A1c before  pumping was a 7.0,
>but at quite a cost.  The best since pumping has been a 6.1 and
>that was without "severe" hypo.  I did have some that went to the
>mid 40's, but it is so reassuring to reach over to the pump, turn it
>off and say to yourself "that's it!"  Try doing that with NPH!
>As for the "pin-cushion" effect, that ends and simply changes to
>"finger tip tattooing".   ;>)
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