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[IP] re: which pump, and PROBLEMS no matter . . . . .

     I have lost track of who originally wanted to know, but I also agonized 
over which pump to get and ended up deciding on Minimed, alot of it had to 
do with the dual wave bolus which I use alot.  Also, I know this isn't that 
important, but I liked the way it looked :)  But then again, in the end I 
didn't have a choice because my doc does only the MM.  Whichever one you get 
it will be a huge improvement, and you can still have problems with either 
one that have nothing to do with the pump but more to do with the 
unfortunate situation of having diabetes . . .for example I am writing this 
note at 1:45 in the morning on a school night, after my third site change in 
2 days, my second new insulin bottle, my second shot, first ketone check 
(negative), and my third high bg bolus.  Before this I had 5 days of 
absolutely normal bgs, and now 149, 227, 324, and 216 respectively. FINALLY 
my bg is coming down . . .have to wake up in 2 hours to make sure the new 
set is working though . . .i will never make it through school tomorow!  I 
have no idea what is up with my blood sugars the last two days . . .the only 
thing left to rule out is an infection believe me I have tested everything 
else . . .and all of this has nothing to do with the brand of my pump, which 
continues to click happily away.  --Gianna (exhausted but happy to be 
pumping 20 days.)

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