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[IP] for you parents of a D child

I have talked with this mother some and she was wondering  if this is 
common.  and from what i understand its been happening since 
Friday..   thanx  for every ones help

>My daughter is 3, and seems to be holding her urine. She has type 1 
>diabetes. She went over 12 hrs with out urinating. Then when she did she 
>she flooded her pull up. She has never done this before. Can Diabetes 
>damage your bladder or just her kidney, i am in the process of getting her 
>to go to the bathroom. She didn't drink any less than she has, she has 
>been playing and laughing. She is new dx'd and i am not to sure what all 
>can affect her as of yet. She had some lows, and when testing her keytones 
>i found none. If you can help me let me know thanks. Am not sure if this 
>is just her being 3 or something more

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