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[IP] what supplies to carry?

I'm curious as to what supplies you all carry when you go out.  Up until 
today I just carried a meter and juice in case of a low.  Now I'm not so 
sure.  Today Jack and I drove about 15-20 minutes to go visit my father.  
Just as we were about to turn into the parking lot (and immediately after a 
trip to Dunkin' Donuts!) Jack's pump started beeping.  Turned out to be a no 
delivery and was out of insulin!  We headed back home (another 20 min), 
refueled, then went back to see dad (yet another 20 min)!  In the grand 
scheme of things this was just a minor inconvenience, but I was thinking 
about the day before when we drove 1 hour to go car shopping.  Suppose this 
had happened then?  I was thinking about carrying a syringe and a vial of H, 
but I'm not sure how much sense that makes either.  When I changed everything 
today, I made sure I put a little more insulin in the reservoir.  I'm 
interested in your thoughts.

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