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[IP] Itchy Sites

Kim (Erica's mom) and Julie,

I also had itchy sites (thought I was maybe allergic to the Humalog, but now
I think that is not it): you can get samples from the pump companies of
different tapes and different wipes / adhesives for under the tapes. What I
did was try different tapes and different wipes on my skin away from the
set. That helped me realize that I was actually allergic to the antiseptic
wipe: IV Prep. Put my next set on without that and went through my three
days without any itching!

Kim, before calling off the pump-idea and before trying one,  you could try
the different tapes and skin-prep things out there. This list as well as
Minimed (my pump company - D probably does the same) have been very helpful.
This was something I also was very concerned about before deciding to try
the pump. I once pulled some paper tape (labeled hypo-allergenic) off my
arm, after it had been on only 1 day and pulled pieces of skin off - you can
still see the scars of that one.
The tape that comes with the MMpump (the IV-3000) is very gentle and has
been ok for me.
After removing a set (at the end of the 3 days) I use a lotion with aloe and
vitamin E, which helps with any soothing necessary for me.

Good luck.


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