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RE: [IP] looking for the perfect pump

On 26 Sep 99, at 18:42, David L. Dougherty wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. I am hoping that what you say will be correct in my
> case. I am getting good results with MDI except for lows (30s) which I am
> getting more and more unable to sense. My doctor says the pump should
> drastically reduce these lows. I am also beginning to look like a pin
> cushion after a year and a half of 5 or 6 injections a day. MDI has helped
> to the point that my last 5 HBA1Cs have been below 7. I'm hoping for even
> better control with a pump.

Well there's quite a difference between good A1c's and good A1c's 
without crashing hypos.  My best A1c before  pumping was a 7.0, 
but at quite a cost.  The best since pumping has been a 6.1 and 
that was without "severe" hypo.  I did have some that went to the 
mid 40's, but it is so reassuring to reach over to the pump, turn it 
off and say to yourself "that's it!"  Try doing that with NPH!

As for the "pin-cushion" effect, that ends and simply changes to 
"finger tip tattooing".   ;>)


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