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Re: [IP] itchy site

Michael wrote:

> Probably not. There are a ton of different tapes available. There are
> lots of pumpers that have had tape problems and all of them usually find
> a tape which is suitable and then stick with that (no pun intended) :-)

Well, I never did find a tape which I wasn't allergic to, but the Skin
Prep wipe more or less keeps it under control. What that means is by the
3rd day, when the edges of the tape are peeling up and the Skin Prep is
flaking off, I sometimes get itchy lines at those edges. Once it starts
itching, I change the set, even if it's functioning fine!
> You can get ahead of the game by getting tape samples and doing a 3-4 day
> skin test with each one (and the skin prep & iodine wipes) to see if any
> produce a reaction. This might be overkill unless you know you're going
> to have a problem. Not many people suffer these allergies.

The problem with a one-time skin test is that the allergy may not show
up that soon -- it took me about 3 weeks to become allergic to
Bioclusive. If you order a whole box of tapes on the basis of one skin
test, you may find that you have an expensive white elephant.

If you have a cooperative supply company, you might be able to order a
small amount of various tapes to try out -- use just ONE kind for at
least a month, until you are SURE you aren't developing an allergy, and
then take the plunge of ordering a larger supply. When I tried the
Bioclusive, supposedly the best hypo-allergenic tape, they sent me just
15 of them -- I developed the allergy somewhere around the 6th or 7th

And yes, skin allergies are the pits -- it's the only thing about
pumping that hasn't gone totally fantastic for me!

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