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Minimed problems, was RE: [IP] square wave bolus

I've had a couple of strange alarms with my MiniMed but nothing that took
me offline completely.  I've been pumping for a year and a half and am
amazed that I've done so well for myself actually.  No problems with
program crashes or underdeliveries unless I had a clog and then it was
because I always catch my pump tubing on doors when I run around in my
Yup, pumping is for me. Whichever pump you choose will be the right 
choice.  My only advice regarding this is consider 1) if you're an
absolute avid swimmer and 2) consider how much faith you put in minimed's
continuous glucose monitor being turned into a closed loop pump.

> Miranda,
> Thanks for your response. I am leaning towards a MiniMed pump. One other
> question: have you had any reliablility problems with the MiniMed? Has it
> given any problems like its program crashing, underdelivering insulin, or
> anything like that? I have heard that the older MiniMed pumps gave numerous
> problems like this and was wondering about the 507C.

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