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Re: [IP] Question....treating lows at mealtime

I agree with Linda (yay Linda!), I would treat the low with a fast acting
sugar so all that meal protein & fat doesn't slow down the sugar.  Then I
would bolus a little less for the meal anyway (.5 to 1 unit less) just
because I wouldn't want to go low again, plus if being high increases
insulin resistance, perhaps being low increases insulin sensitivity??
(question for a certain minimed pump rep)


> <<I've read here that most of you treat for a low at mealtime, then eat and 
> bolus for the meal.  Does it work the same if you just bolus LESS for that 
> meal? >>
> It probably wouldn't for me, unless what I was eating had a really high 
> glycemic index.  If you have any gastoparesis, and an awful lot of diabetics 
> do to some extent, you may not get the rise in blood sugar from eating very 
> quickly.  With me, if I eat a meal with protein and fat in addition to the 

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