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[IP] more"sil" questions

I have been using the sils for 4 days per site and on a few occasions as
long as 5 days.  I get the combo sets which have 5 sets of sils only, and 5
sets of sills with the tubing.  I fill my resevoir to the max and reuse it
at least three times.  My only problem to date is that it is a bit messy
reusing the resevoir unless it is completely empty and I don't always have
the luxury of waiting for it go empty at home, so I sometimes waste a bit
of insulin.  As I am fully covered for my insulin supplies but have to pay
for all my own infusion sets I would rather waste insulin than sets.  
The combo system saves some insulin aas you aren't throwing away the
insulin in the tubing every time (only every second time).  Also it is
faster to change over as every second time you only have to change the part
that goes into the body, and don't have to fill the resevoir and prime the
tubing.  You still have to prime the cannula EVERYTIME with 1 unit, even if
you are just changing the part that goes into your body.   I have had no
skin problems to date with this system but then my skin is not very
sensitive.  I have had no infections.  I hope I have explained this in a
way you can understand.  If not e-mail me privately and I will try again.
If I had insurance for my supplies I probably wouldn't go so long between
changes just because I prefer to stick by the official rules whenever
possible but cost is a major issue and I haven't had any problems with this
system so far. YMMV as usual.   

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