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Re: [IP] itchy site

> With all this talk about itchy sites, I am getting concerned.  Erika is not
> pumping, yet.  We are still trying to get it authorized through our
> insurance.  Erika has had  various IV's in her life, and often she has shown
> a serious allergic reaction to the tape adhesive.  If this is going to
> happen from using the pump, maybe she shouldn't.
Probably not. There are a ton of different tapes available. There are 
lots of pumpers that have had tape problems and all of them usually find 
a tape which is suitable and then stick with that (no pun intended) :-)

You can get ahead of the game by getting tape samples and doing a 3-4 day 
skin test with each one (and the skin prep & iodine wipes) to see if any 
produce a reaction. This might be overkill unless you know you're going 
to have a problem. Not many people suffer these allergies.

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