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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

geneva nevers goes to sleep before 8:30 or 9 pm.  and I think that if she
were to do so,  let's say in the chair from a busy day...I would just test
her for the first hour or so to see what was happening.  I wouldn't
automatically set the temp basal for the 1.0 that we are assuming is

geneva is not back yet from sleepover yet, but she did call twice last

at the last minute, I lowered her basal from 0.4 to 0.3 which would last
from going to the party at 6  until  1 am.  she measured 94 at 6 pm before
she left and I went into a panic.

it was a good thing because while rollerblading from 6 - 8:30 pm,  she
remained in the high 90's and just sipped on gatorade for the duration.  ( I
told her as she left for skating that 15 cho grams should be sufficient for
one hour of intensive activity).

she called me at 1 am and I think she said she was about 120...or maybe I
told her to eat something that would bring her up to 120.  (I was half

re: the weird phenomenon with geneva's sleeping levels.  we went back over
all logs from june on...she always and consistently drops at 1-2 am.  it is
very perplexing to see her go from requiring only 0.3 - 0.4 at late
afternoon/dinner time to needing 1.0  when she falls asleep.   and...to top
it off...according to the IP BASAL ESTIMATOR we are setting her 1 am - 3 am
basal at  0.1.   then she gradually requires a bit more until about 5 am
when she is up to 0.5 .

this is only a testing time.  who knows if this will work tonight.  I am
curious as to whether she went real high at her 1 am 'go to sleep time'.

will report later.

> >  So tonight I could set a temp basal for 9:30 to midnight, but if
> >  TOMORROW he
> > goes to bed at 8 pm I would set a temp basal for 8pm to midnight.  I
> > have to admit that I thought I was pretty savvy about figuring out
> > insulin on MDI, but I'm still feeling pretty lost when it comes to
> > this pump.
> Well, that works for Lily, but she has never had 4 hours between
> going to bed and the nite time basal change. Maybe 3 maximum.

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