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Re: [IP] Going 'live' on Tuesday/ pump reps

I have to wholeheartedly agree with Michael on this.  To reiterate part of
my sad pump-start story, I went online with the pump entirely through a
home infusion company (Home Med).  My training was done by a chemo nurse
who knew less about pumps than I did.  What this company did to me was at
best negligent, at worst very dangerous.  Get training from the pump
company or make sure this is a reputable company.  But I have absolutely
no faith in infusion companies and actually despise them with the core of
my being.  Any company who would loan an insulin pump "until the therapy
is completed" makes me sick.
*Miranda* who said "you'll take my pump away over my dead body!!"

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Michael wrote:
> Sigh..... beware!  I hope I'm wrong, but this usually means that the 
> insurance company does NOT really understand what a pump is and how 
> it works. "Local Infusion" companies typically handle supplies for 
> patients using IV infusion for illness or chemotherapy and they 

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