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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

> you can set a temp
> basal for the amount of time between first going to bed and the time
> the basal rate changes.  Am I assuming correctly that the time of
> the basal change is a constant?  For example:  tonight Jack went to
> bed at 9:15.  Say that at midnight he starts to require less
> insulin. 
>  So tonight I could set a temp basal for 9:30 to midnight, but if
> goes to bed at 8 pm I would set a temp basal for 8pm to midnight.  I
> have to admit that I thought I was pretty savvy about figuring out
> insulin on MDI, but I'm still feeling pretty lost when it comes to
> this pump. 

Well, that works for Lily, but she has never had 4 hours between 
going to bed and the nite time basal change. Maybe 3 maximum.

Her night time rate requirement has always been pretty high and 
steady until about 4 in the morning. The scenario that the other 
young lady is seeing with a peak requirement on falling asleep that 
declines to a low rate after a couple of hours I've never experienced 
with Lily, you are folks are charting new waters. Lily's nite time 
temp rates typicall never ran more than 20 - 30% above her regular 
night time rate and most of the time were the same or maybe a tenth 
more. It WAS a big jump from her evening rate which made it difficult 
or impossible to set a fixed basal rate in her pump for that period 
of time. For the scenario with a big peak requirement I would be 
inclined to try a bolus instead. We tried that and found that a 
longer period of insulin coverage was needed when she went to bed 
earlier so abandoned the technique.

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