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Re: [IP] itchy site

> i took it out this morning and the site was infected big time.  it
> was all red and nasty.  i'm puzzled though- why didn't it hurt?  is
> there anything i can do to prevent it from getting infected before i
> put the site in?

Hmmm..... you may be an infectious staph carrier. A small but 
significant percentage of the population carries these guys around in 
their nasal passages. They are generally benign unless they get in a 
wound. The method to avoid this problem is to wash hands, use a 
reasonably sterile work surface and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. This is 
much harder to do than you may realize. Most people do this 
constantly without realizing. Use a providine pad to clean the site, 
let it dry and then wipe of the gunk with an alcohol pad. Proceed as 
you normally would at this point, just avoid touching any of the 
stuff that goes directly on/in the site. Hopefully your not allergic 
to iodine.

BTW, a site infection can be a big time problem if it gets away from 
you. Consider seeing your doc ASAP for antibiotics unless it is 
resolving NOW. Soak with a very hot compress at least twice a day, 
that will speed healing.

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