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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

Michael and Ruth,

I've been following this temp basals at night thread with great interest.  
Let me see if I'm getting this straight.  First you have to determine if the 
blood sugar rises just after falling asleep.  Then you have to determine at 
what time the basal changes and in what direction.  After you have that 
information, you can set a temp basal for the amount of time between first 
going to bed and the time the basal rate changes.  Am I assuming correctly 
that the time of the basal change is a constant?  For example:  tonight Jack 
went to bed at 9:15.  Say that at midnight he starts to require less insulin. 
 So tonight I could set a temp basal for 9:30 to midnight, but if TOMORROW he 
goes to bed at 8 pm I would set a temp basal for 8pm to midnight.  I have to 
admit that I thought I was pretty savvy about figuring out insulin on MDI, 
but I'm still feeling pretty lost when it comes to this pump.  Jack's daytime 
control is very good, but these nights are killing me!!!!!!!!!

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