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No Subject

>Subject: [IP] getting blood at night From: "Ruth Schneider" 
><email @ redacted> Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 14:30:22 -0700
Ruth, you asked
>does anyone have suggestions as to the easiest way to get
>a big glop of blood for our lifescan profile?
I have two solutions for you,
1) Use the best lancet-device , least-hurtful there is:
Boehringer-Mannheim, now become Roche, SoftClix
Sure, it IS EXPENSIVE, but it IS TRUE that it hurts less, even
when producing MORE blood.
>we have a fast take meter, which is wonderful for requiring
>a small amount, but I don't trust the results.
2) Use the most-trustable meter , the least-thirsty there is:
Bayer Glucometer Elite
I'm in Kaiser too, where LifeScan is standard issue and local
to us SFBayArea Californians in Milpitas, but my self-expense
alternate meters include the two I trust equally, much more
than the OneTouch system, Glucometer Elite and Glucometer DEX.
Of these, the DEX' only problem is being thirstier than Elite.
Elite's only problem is no clock, (newer Elite XL may ?)
Both read equally for me, higher than the OneTouch, but readings
I consider truthful because reading minus target remains useful
for bolus-down calculations when high, whereas the OneTouch
readings don't go up as fast, leading to my suspicions such as
JoanneS wrote recently to L.Willey in
>Subject: Re: [IP] Need advice please Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 20:13:05 -0600
Where Joanne describes her strategy:
>I have learned to adjust my high bolus ratio for highs ...
I find this unnecessary when the high readings are Bayer machines,
but appropriate when from OneTouch,
and thus her describing using a smaller number of mg/dl/unit
for bolus-down from higher than 200

So, for Geneva, both less-hurtful and more blood-producing
(controllable) lancet device, and smallest possible thirst
for blood trustworthy bG-measuring device are my suggestions.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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