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[IP] ] nightime basals AGAIN!


so I just sent geneva off into bolus land at a birthday party which

cake  (at I am presuming 77 cho per slice)

staying up to ?????????

this ought to be interesting.  I swear I will just not worry and let her
call me if she is oer 240.


> > so this 1.0 that I did last night could be totally different
> > tonight? depending on her going to bed level?
> It is really more dependent on the RATE and DIRECTION of the bg
> change, not the absolute value. I'm attempting to draw an inference
> from the level and what I expect it to be later based on unused
> insulin. If she's low and going lower, going to sleep will usually
> stop or reverse the trend. Conversely, if she is too high and
> trending up because of a bad dinner bolus, pizza, whatever.... more
> insulin will be required. As you have surmised, it is difficult to
> predict.

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