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Re: [IP] 504 Question

Michael wrote:

> It is signed by all parties. The burden is upon the school, it is you
> who dictates the terms. If you don't like the terms (and are
> reasonable) and the school won't go along and a 504 has been
> requested, the school system can be found in violation of the law, in
> which case federal funds will be witheld from the entire district.
> They MUST provide all reasonable and necessary accomodations. The
> courts have come down on the side of students repeatedly.

Keyword here is reasonable and necessary.

That leaves a lot open to discretion, and you do need to be prepared to
document why a certain plan fits those criteria. 

If you've done your homework, most of the time the school will
cooperate; if you DO end up needing to go to court, you stand a good
chance of winning.

But also be prepared to do a lot of educating -- most teachers I know DO
want to accommodate the child, but they are REALLY clueless about what
is necessary and why. You need to work with them to figure out ways to
allow them to do their work AND make sure your child is safe and well.

I remember the year that I had a child who needed diaper changes -- *I*
was expected to leave my class and take him to the boy's bathroom and do
the diaper changes for him. The diaper changes were necessary for HIM,
but it was also illegal for me to leave the rest of the kids
unsupervised! Don't put a teacher in a no-win situation and expect
him/her to be happy about it!

I really feel that if BOTH sides are working for the benefit of the
child, then a happy solution can be reached, but being on the school
side of the affair, I've also seen parents who were UNreasonable and
demanding UNnecessary things for their children.

My respect to ALL those who struggle for what's best for the children! 
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