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Re: [IP] What to Do? (longish)

In a message dated 9/24/99 10:03:58 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< So now the question is how long should
 I wait to bug them about it again.  And since the Dr. sent it right to the
 insurance company, and not the pump company >>

Holly....did you make copies of what you sent to your insurance company?  If 
so, pick a pump company and forward it to them.  

I picked Minimed because they have loads of  insurance specialists who do 
nothing else but deal with insurance all day.    It is not too early to start 
bugging your insurance company.

Minimed sent in my paperwork to my insurance company on August 26....I waited 
almost three weeks before I called the insurance folks.  They had never 
received my paperwork!!!  Seems as if the Minimed rep failed to fax the 
paperwork to the DME provider!!   So the insurance company had no record of 
me EVER requesting a pump!   

The DME rep was absolutely wonderful!  She knew that three weeks was totally 
wasted so she really cut through the red tape.   She got it to breeze right 
through the "medical review" committe just this last monday and pushed it on 
through authorization.   The good news is that it was mailed Thursday night 
and I should have it by Monday!

Just keep bugging them.  The squeeky wheel always gets the grease!

Good luck!
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