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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

> > (profile meter, not plasma type). If her bg was lower, we reduced the
> > rate by 0.1u/hr for each 10 points down to 70 (0.3 max) and did not
> > do the rate if she was lower than that (insurance against a real
> > low). If she was high, we raised the rate 0.1u/hr for each 10 points.
> so this 1.0 that I did last night could be totally different
> tonight? depending on her going to bed level?

It is really more dependent on the RATE and DIRECTION of the bg 
change, not the absolute value. I'm attempting to draw an inference 
from the level and what I expect it to be later based on unused 
insulin. If she's low and going lower, going to sleep will usually 
stop or reverse the trend. Conversely, if she is too high and 
trending up because of a bad dinner bolus, pizza, whatever.... more 
insulin will be required. As you have surmised, it is difficult to 
predict. The bed time basal just helps things going in the right 
direction. With a PERFECT bedtime bg, things will still be different 
at 2:30 on different days. I only attempt to keep Lily from crashing 
or being very high at 2:30.  After that check, all has been smooth 
sailing for years now. The only reasonably guaranteed stable early 
sleep period occurs on days with not extra activity, a very early 
dinner and no food/insulin for 5+ hours before bedtime. This set of 
conditions is rare to non-existent in our household but it does occur 
and usually her bg's are very predictable under that scenario.

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