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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!


have you tested at oddball times to see WHEN she actually goes up or down?

geneva seems to plummet between midnight and 3 am.  we have figured out that
this is the period after her big insulin/growth requirement.

putting her on 0.1 during this time period.  prior to this...it is when we
need lots of insulin.

after this..we are easing through the rest of the night on a lower basal.

I am finding that geneva really does need a whole lot less insulin than we
were giving at beginning of pumping.  we are on 0.2, 0.4 for most of day.
then we are going to keep trying michael's method of setting a temp basal
when she falls asleep.

another big science experiment.

tonight is the sleepover birthday.  pizza,  sheetcake and staying up all

I can't wait to see the numbers tomorrow!!


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