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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

> Actually, Lily stopped doing the temp rate at bed time this year, her
> bg's don't shoot up anymore when she sleeps, but they did for the 1st
> 4 years pumping.

so this has to be a growth thing?

>We set the rate so that it was equal to or a little higher
> than the night time rate if her bg's were stable and 100 - 120

if we have never been stable at night...how the heck do we determine this

> (profile meter, not plasma type). If her bg was lower, we reduced the
> rate by 0.1u/hr for each 10 points down to 70 (0.3 max) and did not
> do the rate if she was lower than that (insurance against a real
> low). If she was high, we raised the rate 0.1u/hr for each 10 points.

so this 1.0 that I did last night could be totally different tonight?
depending on her going to bed level?


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