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[IP] re: pumping sucks...diabetes isn't always the culprit

HI all--
 thought I'd share. had the same prob with highs and
off and on ketones..the weird thing was the ketones
would disappear and then reappear, and also I felt
sick, which is rare for no apparent reason..didn't
wake up sick the next day or anything and had the same
probs with highs and ketones..yes, had done a shot,
changed site 2x, changed reservoir and infusion set
and used a new bottle of insulin..went to doctors have
an infection, that was causing the prob...on
antibiotics now, not feeling great but bg are much
better...so, the D caused me to notice the infection
earlier on...didn't know what was wrong, went and told
the doc,  "something wasn't right" and he found the
prob with some blood and urine tests. so i'm on the
antibiotics and go back monday..already had this appt,
but anyhow it wasn't a broken pump or anythign, jsut
something totally weird i hadn't experienced before
and wouldn't have known the symptoms to look for. But
the doc did point out to me, Because of Diabetes I am
more prone to infections, so in a sense the two are
 Pump 3 months on Tuesday! Not hating it, but it's not
great all the time especially when nothing seems to
solve the problem, but my control now is much better!

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