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[IP] Local infusion companies

>Sigh..... beware!  I hope I'm wrong, but this usually means that the 
insurance company does NOT really understand what a pump is and how 
it works. "Local Infusion" companies typically handle supplies for 
patients using IV infusion for illness or chemotherapy and they 
typically DO NOT handle or stock pump supplies or even know what they 

So far, so good.  The local infusion company submitted all the paperwork for 
Josh's pump and delivered the pump to our door yesterday.  They have a nurse 
on staff who deals with all the diabetes supplies and the insurance 
companies. She told me to let her know a week before Josh needs supplies and 
they can deliver them within two days because they have them on hand.  They 
also supplied the loaner pump and supplies for the pump trial he had.  We 
will have to see how this all plays out over time.  I was somewhat surprised 
that the insurance company wanted us to go through this "preferred provider" 
instead of going directly to the company.  
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