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Re: [IP] Going 'live' on Tuesday/ pump reps

> We have to go through a local infusion company to get supplies.

Sigh..... beware!  I hope I'm wrong, but this usually means that the 
insurance company does NOT really understand what a pump is and how 
it works. "Local Infusion" companies typically handle supplies for 
patients using IV infusion for illness or chemotherapy and they 
typically DO NOT handle or stock pump supplies or even know what they 
are. In my experience with Apria, on this matter, the staff new 
nothing, did not keep stock or the stock was very old and took 
forever to ship stuff. IMMEDIATELY contact senior staff at the 
insurance company if this turns out to be the case and get special 
dispensation to order directly from the pump company. Point out to 
them that the prices will actually be cheaper because there is no 
mark up for a middle man AND that to do otherwise will put your child 
at risk for which you will REQUIRE a written acknowldegement and that 
you will be contacting the insurance commissioner office to complain 

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