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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!

> She woke up in the morning at 52.
> Boy, did I feel bad. Hey Michael, do you have any answers? Any one
> else? We are open to all suggestions.

52 is low, but is not a "crash". To "crash" in my book is to get low 
enough to have some serious side effects like 
1) liver dumping insulin
2) at least the shakes
3) something more serious

I'm not implying that I'm comfortable with 52, I'm not, but it is 
easily treatable and there are usually no side effects. I've seen 
some 30's and 40's with Lily and one 27 that all have been treated 
with glucose without any other effects (shudder....)

Hmmm.... Get a louder alarm clock :-)
With training, your brain will wake you up on the first beep 
(double :-)) 

Aaahhhhh....... remember when she was 1 (month old) heh... heh...

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